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Warez links directory

https://2gxxzwnj52jutais.onion.autos/ – The Nowhere Server (restored from backup after FH)
https://jntlesnev5o7zysa.onion.autos/ – The Pirate Bay – Torrents
https://am4wuhz3zifexz5u.onion.autos/ – Tor Library – library of books and other media files
https://uj3wazyk5u4hnvtk.onion.autos/ – The Pirate Bay – Torrents (official .onion)
https://lolicore75rq3tm5.onion.autos/ – Lolicore and Speedcore Music
https://vt27twhtksyvjrky.onion.autos/ – lol 20th Century Western Music Recordings and Scores
https://xfmro77i3lixucja.onion.autos/ – Imperial Library of Trantor
https://c3jemx2ube5v5zpg.onion.autos/ – Jotunbane’s Reading Club